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Coaching Certification

Finally! A coaching accreditation programme for modern leaders

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Warning! This is not another ‘Instagram Coaching Course’ for $7, this is the real deal for real world leaders.

If you want to:

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We are accepting a select few applicants for this final intake for the year. We are looking for dedicated participants who are focused on ending the year on fire so they can hit the ground running next year.

Rare opportunity

The 30-hour coaching and leadership certification intake kicks off on the 13th of October.

Gain exclusive access to this gold standard course from as little as $200 per month and join an international cohort of experienced coaches and get the support you deserve.

This may very well be the last time JR and JT do this course together… so do not miss the opportunity to sit in firsthand with these humble leaders and expert coaches.

This is the last intake for the year and if you want to hit the ground running next year, you cannot miss this last-minute opportunity.


I help leaders build coaching cultures with ICF-Accredited Coaching, EQ-Focused Leadership Development, and ICF-Approved Coach Training – across our tried and tested marquee programs – delivered through experiential adult-learning methods! 

GLen JT Powell, Certified Coach

Glen is a conscious leader, driving impact through investments and innovations. Crafting vision, harmony and abundance for his family, his team, and our community. With over 18 years in business, Glen builds sustainable results through an evolutionary approach

We have 3 options on offer and have a ridiculous bonus or two for the lucky few who sign up today. Coaching is about action, being in action and being courageous. Is that you?

100-day money back guarantee

We love what we do so much that we guarantee the experience of our participants with our 100-day money back guarantee. Totally fall in love with the magic of coaching and experience the transformation for yourself. Love the program within 100 days or get your money back.


We want to add so much value that you simply cannot say no, so we have these two bonuses for you when you choose our 125 hour or Turnkey options

  1. Get exclusive access to our 12 part ‘House of Leadership’ bonus training valued at $988

2. And, Get a 12 session coaching series with Glen our Founder valued at $3996

Special price?

We also have a special end of year bonus… this international course is normally in USD, however JR and JT have decided to offer our Aussie mates AUD pricing…

this is a massive 35% savings!

So you get ...

This is an absolutely rare opportunity to work with our Founder and Dr J.R. Flatter directly.

Limited spots!

And, we only have limited spots. Jump on a call and if you are a lifelong learner and leader looking to take their next step in their personal and professional lives, then we want to hear from you.

Or fill in THIS expression of interest, and if you are ready to lock in your spot then sign up online and get started on your coaching journey today. Choose 1 of 3 options, plus choose your payment option.

Need more proof, here are our recent TESTIMONIALS from our last intake in May

“I am grateful to learn, & I have added 10+ friends. I will work on my house of leadership, and discover myself first before helping others, I’ll be my own coach." Tinkyaw KoKo

“Incredible experience - I’m a better human being, and every relationship will be improved." Robbie McFarlane

“I walk away enriched every time… I am going to finish my certification for ICF for sure now" Troy McKay

8 Critical Coaching Course Criteria

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